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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Social Security and Medicare.

It is reprehensible that funds are taken from the Social Security program for budgetary purposes and then we find that there are insufficient funds remaining for Social Security benefits such as cost of living increases for two years!
In order to avoid this insidious practice, I urge all senior citizen groups including AARP and others
to unite in putting pressure on Congress to take Social Security and Medicare off budget. This will prevent " borrowing " funds from Social Security and Medicare for bugetary purposes as explained in my newly published book For a Better America: Observations, Insights and a Plan for Action by a 95 year Old American available at Barnes and Noble . com
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Eugene C. Di Cerbo

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Immigration Reform

One of the hot topics in today's political arena is the issue of immigration reform.

The basic premise of immigration reform is that illegal immigrants have violated one of our laws and that amnesty is not an option. Therefore I recommend that we write to our members of Congress (to find out how to reach your Congressional representatives just click here) and vehemently oppose granting amnesty to our illegal immigrants.

They should be processed through our U.S.District Courts and placed on probation for about three years during which time they will be supervised by a U.S. Probation Officer and their whereabouts will be known at all times. During this period they will be encouraged to learn English and then be encouraged to become naturalized citizens as described in my book entitled For A Better America: Insights Observations and a Plan for Action by a Ninety Five Year Old American, now available at Barnes and

During the period of probation, if they are convicted of violating another of our laws they will face deportation to their native land.

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