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Friday, April 22, 2011

Baseball--is it really a walk-off hit or a home run?


Who is the idiot who coined the term walk-off for a winning hit or home run? Where is the walkoff feature when a winning team gathers together on the field to celebrate a win for several minutes? Let's get back to describe a game the way it is and call it a winning hit or home run.
Comments welcome.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The American Idol TV show

Like the judges on the American Idol show I was shocked that Pia Toscano was eliminated on Thursday night.
Part of the reason for her departure was due to the judges who insisted the week before that she sing an uptempo song to showcase her diversity. She took the advice of the judges and was eliminated.
I think another reason was the unrealistic system of speed dialing voting whereby voters can voted hundreds of time by one means.
In view of the fact that Casey Abrams was eliminated but saved by the judges and the elimination of Pia whom I and many others had picked as a finalist, it is time that the method of voting be restricted to the number of votes cast by any one particular instrument.
I would welcome comments from Idol fans.