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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congress and Health Care

In my last blog, I stated we have a Congress with no conscience and no shame. Another example is the way Health Care Reform is being handled. Several Republican members of Congress voted for the plan offered by the Democrats and were severely criticized by the heads of the Republican party not for voting according to their conscience but because they voted " with the democrats". In other words members of Congress are expected to vote according to the wishes of the party they represent and not according to their own conscience. Also, according to a poll, more than 60 per cent of the people favored a public option, but it is not being considered by Congress. It is obvious that a Plan Health accepted will favor special interests so that at election time they will be a source of contributors to campaign funds.
We should all write letters, send E-Mails, make telephone calls to our members of Congress telling them that we do not want cuts to Medicare or tampering with Social Security and fund that we support a Health Care Plan that covers all of our people by reducing the billions of dollars the United States gives to foreign countries.
Citizens Against Government Waste, an advocacy group has an eight page report regarding
savings against wasteful spending.
With the reduction of moneys given to foreign countries and savings according to Citizens Against Government Waste we can afford Health Care for every American citizen.

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